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Undeniable Attention To Detail

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Every Stitch Counts

That same tenacious spirit that started years ago has infused the brand culture we enjoy today. As a second generation moves STRT forward, we will never forget where it started – rooted in family values, genuine relationships and the simple belief that the future is what we create.

Passion For Quality

At STRT, every garment is made with only the finest materials. When wearing our items, you truly feel the luxury of the quality you have on, and others do too.

About Us

Our story begins in 2017, with STRT's founding members building a brand that is actionable toward sustainable practices while creating a new vision for sports streetwear with a collection of designer apparel. Everyone loves jerseys, with die-hard sports fans and even non-sports fans repping them as streetwear fashion.


Before STRT, jerseys were just limited to professional teams, with designs limited to those specific team colors. This means that there wasn't a ton of options on the styles, players, and teams you could rep. This is where STRT came in, which revolutionized the path sports apparel has taken. Now, you can rep custom editions, movie editions, high school player throwbacks, and STRT's own top quality branded apparel collection.


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The People That Make STRT Go

Each member of STRT's team carries with them the urge to source sustainable solutions and create a set of shared values to promote STRT's organizational goals toward a more sustainable industry. As a team, STRT functions outwardly to create a customer experience that concentrates on the customer needs as well as a means to promote the sustainable values of the company further. STRT works to make lasting customer experiences that begin with a committed team and expand to meet the needs of our global community.


Our Story Continues

STRT's vision is to pioneer the next wave of responsible street wear, and the mission is to innovate and market responsible design and lifestyle to the world. To accomplish our goals, we continue to challenge our design standards, as well as our commitment to solving social and environmental challenges for global communities and our planet.

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