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STRT is a brand that symbolizes the great sports culture we have both in the United States and globally. Our entrepreneurial attitudes mean we simplify & go…we are too smart and our brand assets are too powerful to stall. Agility is critical to the success and growth of our brand. We recognize the need to take what is good and change what isn’t. We’re a brand that’s always on the offensive while not forgetting our heritage or fundamentals.

We have a simplified work ethic; we work as a team, we learn as a team and we win as a team – a collaborative approach is an essential part of a working day at STRT. Employee engagement is at the forefront of our minds – the team is pivotal.


To apply to any of the jobs below, please send an email with the name of the position being applied for, a cover letter, and a resume to our website contact form.



Sorry, no retail positions available at this time.


Sorry, no retail positions available at this time.

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